Youth 13 years and older can be in the facility without a parent. Children 12 or younger must be with a parent at all times.

Yes. There are multiple fee options as a resident or non-resident to enjoy all that is offered at the CORE.

Applications must be completed online for all CORE and City of Hobbs positions by going to

Yes. Daily tours are offered at no charge. Tours are guided by Guest Service Specialists and is a great opportunity to see all that the CORE has to offer.

No. Due to our limited space for public use as well as CORE programming needs, non-CORE team practices are not allowed.

Yes. You can register online for CORE programming, including making requests for Facility Rentals. Go online to may need to create a profile if you have not already done so. Some programming including memberships still require in-person registration.

Guest Services

Single Family is 1 adult and up to 5 children in the same household, a Family is 2 adults and up to 4 children in the same household. Both plans are for a maximum of 6 patrons. Any additional members are an additional $10 per person on top of the initial plan price; this is called a Family Plus member.

A Family Plus member is anyone “extra” added onto a family or single family membership. This includes any 3rd adult that's added after there are already 2 adults on the account or any 7th person after there are a total of 6 people on the plan. A Family Plus person cannot stand alone as its own membership. A Family Plus person is $10 per person per month added to the original plan’s price.

Anyone who lives in Lea County and can prove it with any of our 3 required documents for “Proof of Residency.”

We require one of 3 acceptable types of documentation for proof of residency with a Lea County Address: Driver’s License/State Issued ID, Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Electric ONLY), and a Rental or Lease agreement. All 3 things must have your name and Lea county address that matches your form of identification with you at the time.

At the Welcome Desk when you first check in, let the Guest Services Specialists know you’d like to sign up for the class.

Each class has a $5 entry fee. The $5 class fee does not include your entry into the CORE. You need to still purchase a day pass or have a membership to enter the facility. If you find yourself enjoying the class you can purchase a Fitness Unlimited Plan ($25 recurring monthly fee), or a Fitness Unlimited Pass ($25 for 30 consecutive days) to attend an unlimited number of classes. It’s added with your membership, NOT included with a membership! Without a membership, you would have to purchase first an Annual Program participant fee ($25/year for Residents and $36/year for Non-residents), then a Fitness Unlimited Plan or Pass would be $50/month.

At the welcome desk, as you check in, let the Guest Services Specialist know you’d like to register your children into COREkids. Tell them which children would like to go that day. The Specialist needs to register your child and hand you a COREkids badge with a number, so you can be allowed entry to drop your children off in either kidWATCH (ages 6 months - 6 years) or kidFIT (ages 7 - 12). The maximum amount of time you can leave your child(ren) in COREkids is 2 hours per day.

You must come in and fill out/sign a cancellation form. If you are unable to physically come in, then we can send you a cancellation form via email but you must return it via email or bring it in. We must have a completed cancellation form on file in order to cancel your membership or program.

According to our 15 day Cancellation policy,monthly membership cancellations must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the expiration of your membership in order to avoid automatic charges. No refunds given. It is written on the back of the membership registration form that is signed by the member upon initially registering at the CORE.

Every locker on the walls in the changing room, men’s locker room and women’s locker rooms are “Day lockers” which any patron can use for the day. If anything is left overnight in a “Day locker'' then we unfortunately have to cut the lock and bag up all items in said locker to keep them in Lost and Found. Feel free to bring your own lock but if not, we sell them for $8. Rentable lockers are located in all locker areas and are only $10 a month and are available for members only! You can pay in advance for how many months you’d like to rent. To sign up for a rentable locker, please see a Guest Services Specialist at the Welcome Desk.

Guest Services Specialists are more than happy to help. We are the “HUB” of the CORE. If you need to be directed to anyone else then they can also do that for you. Don’t be shy to come up to the desk or call for anything you need! The best number to call for information at the CORE is 575-393-2673 and select Option #2 for Guest Services.

Adaptive Recreation

Registrations must be done in person at the CORE or online at Payment can be made in cash, by check, or with a credit/debit card.

Program cost will vary by program. To see current offerings, please visit the Welcome Desk or CORE website at

With every program that is offered, there is a set age range for those who register. Programs are offered for most age ranges and ranges are determined for each program based on the appropriateness of the activity.

No. We do encourage parents, caregivers or loved ones to participate during the first session so we can get to know the participant and better understand their needs.

No. All programming at the CORE is available for the general public regardless of where you live. Program fees and facility access fees may differ depending on whether or not you are a resident of Lea County or a current member of the CORE.

Yes! In accordance with the requirements of the title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the City of Hobbs and the CORE does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs or activities. We provide inclusion for people with disabilities in all CORE programs. If you feel you will need any accommodations or additional support in order to succeed in the program, please let us know during registration.

Yes, if personal or specialized equipment is needed. Please make sure all personal equipment is marked or identifiable to a specific individual.

All program equipment will be provided by the CORE. Accommodations and additional equipment may be provided, if available, upon request, free of charge. To ensure a prompt response, please submit your request to a CORE Coordinator at least 48 hours prior to your anticipated need.

Clothing will depend on the type of programming. Comfortable, athletic, non-restricting clothing is recommended for most programs. Street clothes including jeans and sandals are not recommended.
Various areas of the CORE have clothing requirements:
  • Gym and Turf: Close-toed shoes are required.
  • CORE Play: Socks are required on the CORE Play structure.
  • Aquatics: Appropriate swimwear must be worn.
  • Fitness: Close-toed athletic shoes and modest athletic attire is required.

Please see the Member Handbook for a complete list of rules regarding proper attire at the CORE.

Instructors and coaches for Adaptive Recreation programs are comprised of various CORE staff from multiple divisions including, but not limited to sports, aquatics and fitness, and independent contractors. Parents are caregivers are also encouraged to participate or assist as needed to help CORE staff get to know the participant. The success of our programs relies heavily on committed volunteers.

Yes. Volunteers play a valuable role in the lives of the participants. You will serve as a mentor, teacher, support, and a friend for the participants you come in contact with. Lessons taught will help foster self-confidence, independence, sportsmanship, and responsibility. Dedicated and caring volunteers are important in the success of CORE Adaptive Recreation Programs. Besides helping us keep the cost of programs low to participants, you help represent the CORE, its values and are a driving force in participation in future programs.

All CORE Adaptive Volunteers will receive a CORE Coach’s t-shirt.

Contact a CORE Coordinator to start the volunteer process. A one-on-one meeting will be held with a CORE Coordinator prior to the start of a program. At this meeting, volunteers will:
  • Be introduced to the CORE staff and program offerings.
  • Receive a Volunteer Packet filled with helpful resources as well as forms to be completed
  • Sign a Volunteer Code of Ethics.
  • Complete Background Consent Form. All volunteers must clear a background check through the City of Hobbs prior to any interaction with participants.
  • Receive Heads Up Concussion training.

Upon completion of the back ground check, volunteers will be assigned and trained in various programs. Volunteers are expected to be committed to attend all program dates and be a positive, encouraging resource for the participants you come in contact with.

The Adaptive Membership/Pass is for patrons who have a permanent disability and want to bring one assistant with them at no charge to the CORE. Discounted fees for day/month/week passes and Monthly or Annual Memberships are available to those who qualify.

An individual who is permanently disabled and provides one of the following pieces of documentation to the CORE can obtain an Adaptive Membership/Pass that permits the holder an assistant at no cost.
  • A statement signed by a licensed physician attesting that the applicant has a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment that severely limits one or more major life activities, and stating the nature of the impairment.
  • A document issued by a federal agency, such as the Veteran’s Administration, which attests that the applicant has been medically determined to be eligible to receive federal benefits as a result of disability. Other acceptable federal agency documents include proof of receipt of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) due to disability.
  • A document issued by a state or other agency, such as a vocational rehabilitation agency, which attests that the applicant has been medically determined to be eligible to receive that agencies benefits or services as a result of medically determined permanent disability. Showing a state motor vehicle department disability sticker, license plate, or hang tag is not acceptable documentation.